Interview with Perspex

Interview with Oily Boys

Mont Icons Podcast
10: Mick Harvey on life in The Birthday Party, Serge Gainsbourg and Ghosts of the Civil Dead
D+M 1: DX and Mahmood talk about drill music, Adam Curtis, the experience of live music after the COVID lockdown and the corruptive influence of Jim Harrison on our lives.
11: Writer Erik Jensen on narrative journalism, Adam Cullen and the power of Truth
12: Ex-biker Brent Simpson on gang life, reverting to Islam and redemption

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archive news

Interview with Almighty & Insane Books

Interview with Serwah Attafuah

Interview with Prostate

Interview with Kacy Heywood

Tarkovsky as a Master by Valery Vinogradovs

Mont Icons.
6: Comedian John Safran on extremism and identity politics
7: Ex-con David Obeda on the G-Fam prison gang and life as a 501 deportee
8: Gary Foley & Jacqui Katona on black power and Aboriginal resistance
9: Iceage's Elias Rønnenfelt on the Copenhagen youth riots and the dangers of nostalgia

Our first publication is Archives of Violence, featuring an interview with Pouria Khojastehpay of 550BC. Images provided by Pouria, and layout by James Vinciguerra. 200 copies, hand numbered and stamped.

You can order it via Lulu’s here.

From the introduction by Mahmood Fazal:

Even if the skies were shorter than my knees, I would not kneel.- Cyrus the Great

Persian poems scar the back of a man with a shirt over his head. A man in an American prison wears a Keffiyeh while he makes salah. Another stands with an imitation Kalashnikov in front of an olive tree. A stream of iPhone portraits curated by artist Pouria Khojastehpay, under the pseudonym 550BC, complicates criminal and radical identities through the addition of new textures of personality and culture.


Mont Icons podcast
1: Arthouse filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson discusses Cecil Taylor and Jack Charles

2: Punk tattooist Spider Death on fanaticism

3: Artist Stanislava Pinchuk (MISO) on conflict zones and beekeeping in Chernobyl

4: Anarchist journalist Andy Fleming (SlackBastard) on Christchurch and Australia's Far-Right

5: HTRK's Jonnine Standish discusses Rowland S Howard and Blue Hills


On Werner Herzog’s La Soufrière by Greta Balog

Two Films About Aboriginal Women by Aboriginal Women by Mardi Reardon-Smith


Jean Genet in Icons

Interview with RATH

Interview with Masi Rooc

‘After After Finitude: An Afterword’ by Justin Clemens

Interview with Ebonny Munro

toBe x Mont Journal

‘Forthcoming: Maniac Lullabies by Daniel Stewart

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