Archives of Violence: Pouria Khojastehpay. (Out of print.)
19/20 Visions is a collection of photography by MF and DX from 2019/2020. Limited stock remaining.
Mont Icons: Jean Genet is a scrapbook of Genet related content. Limited stock remaining.

Mont Icons: Spider Death fanzine and 7”. (Out of print.)
MULCH “ONE”, the debut poetry collection from Perth based company man Theo, second edition printed by Mont. (Out of print.)
Mont Rose Shirt designed by Christopher Wayne Simpson. Limited stock remaining.

Mont Cru Tote Bag & Shirt  designed by Christopher Wayne Simpson. Limited stock remaining.
Life Stinks I Like The Kinks #6 A collection of writing from autumn 2021 under the influence of The Kinks song ‘Autumn Almanac’. (Out of print.)

Belly of the Beast: Irish breakfast roll at the Galtee Cafe. 

Archival Interview with Vanessa Amara

Interview with Sam Ryser

Review of LAKES Painted Wreath

On the work of Connor Bugelli by Mahmood Fazal
‘Champagne and Steak’ by Ibrahim Khudeira

Interview with Perspex

Interview with Oily Boys

Interview with Almighty & Insane Books
Interview with Serwah Attafuah
Interview with Prostate
Interview with Kacy Heywood

‘Tarkovsky as a Master’ by Valery Vinogradovs

‘On Werner Herzog’s La Soufrière’ by Greta Balog

‘Two Films About Aboriginal Women by Aboriginal Women’ by Mardi Reardon-Smith

Jean Genet in Icons

Interview with RATH

Interview with Masi Rooc

‘After After Finitude: An Afterword’ by Justin Clemens

Interview with Ebonny Munro

‘Forthcoming: Maniac Lullabies by Daniel Stewart

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