Interview with Ebonny Munro
by Mont

Ebonny Munro is a jewellery artist based in Kings Cross, Sydney. Her designs are reminiscent of a past life in a cold cave on the edges of a Scottish highland; the structural embodiment of a flute fronted dungeon-synth melody.

Ebonny is concerned with everything far from the futuristic “savage” life that the contemporary human dwells in. Rather, she sees the worlds of neanderthals and the dark ages as far more contextually pleasing. Within her works you’ll find the intersection of leather and armour, precious stones and ornamental delicacies bonded together with steel shields and studded crucifixes.

From discovering neolithic gems (real and theoretical) on Antiques Roadshow, to conspiracy theories and ritualistic practices, Ebonny talks us through what fuels her, and what keeps her delving into the realms of chaotic creativity.

What is your earliest memory?
Wow. Way back in the olden days. Whistling in the shower, getting my first whistle on point. I ended up playing flute so I think that may have been how I chose that as my favourite instrument later in life.

Describe a lesson that has taught you the most?
When I was a little girl I remember stealing all these Xena videos and perfume that came in the mail from the lady that lived out the back. And my mum making me reveal the stash of stolen goods under my bed. She made me take them back to the lady and say sorry. Damn, I was off it! The lesson was learnt—don't steal Xena VHS ever again!

What has inspired you recently? 
Recently I have just been into archeology. I’m deep into anything far away from this futuristic savage life! I’ve been watching Antiques Roadshow on the projector, everybody goes wild when a nice ornament gets pulled out! The Neolithic era, just like who was the first person on this earth! And the science knows where she came from! How incredible. Neanderthals and the fascinating idea of another type of human. I wonder if they are still with us but have kept it a secret and are just walking around amongst us having secret meetings, gossiping about how ridiculous us humans are! I’ve watched a few David Icke conspiracy theories over the epidemic and wondered if the reptilian theory he talks about could be another species as well, I mean why not believe him when the world seems so unbelievable right now. Also been watching a few Elvis conspiracies. ELVIS LIVES!

How do you determine when a work is finished?
I don’t feel as though it is ever finished. I have so many scrapbooks and just end up collating the collages that I have done like a spiral vortex of never-ending art-n-craft!
I am always reworking everything I have made into something new, that's the beauty of never coming to a complete idea of finishing something.

Can you speak of some of your creative rituals and habits? Do you work to a routine, or are you routinely disorganised?
I’m a bit of a disorganised freak. Stuff is always everywhere. My studio is in my sunroom in my apartment down in Kings Cross so I just wake up and it's like a never-ending loop of making jewellery and getting myself psyched to get into it. Coffee is the crack of my business! I have a routine of herb tinctures that I believe are working in some kind of return to nature and simpler way. Also ride my bike really quick around the bay and do some painful exercises then get straight into the workshop. In the “workshop” I work on the floor and just like make organisations within that haha. I am used to chaos. Sometimes I work out a routine for a couple of days and have a little goblin on my shoulder that is like fuck it all up, bring back the chaos!

Can you share your favourite magazine or book with us?
My favourite books! I love books. I am just reading Dr Phil life strategies right now. He speaks about some 50 million dollar court case that Oprah was in and how she strategises her way outta the mess! My brother gave it to me to read. I think it came from the mental health ward. My favourite book recently is Thee Psychick Bible by Genesis [Breyer P-Orridge]. I practise rituals out of that. I love the core information and instructions. Also a book on Bryon Gysin and the Nimbin Times, I just returned from Byron, it’s the best newspaper out!

Check out Ebonny’s website here.


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