Interview with Kacy Heywood
by Annabel Blue

Kacy Heywood is a New Zealand born, Australian based designer currently frontiering independent sustainable and environmentally conscious design in Australia and abroad. Her work has seen international recognition, having been shared amongst some of the biggest publications worldwide for her attention to detail and unique designs inspired by social movements and contemporary philosophies. She’s currently running her low-volume clothing label Ke-He, as well as launching a sustainable shoe factory out of Melbourne, and co-directing Error404store, an environmentally minded and community-focused store elevating sustainable designers, artists, and creative voices in Australia and abroad. We asked Kacy about her world and what has been inspiring her over the last year.

Describe a lesson that has taught you the most.
I have had many pivoting moments in my life but the one lesson that stands out the most came from something so simple. I was 21, living in Vancouver and bitching to a friend about some older, cooler chick that made me feel like I was not worth kissing the sole of her shoe.
My friend listened, then calmly with a tilt of his head looked me in the eyes, and said “Kacy, you are the only person living your life.”

Have you ever had an experience that has changed the course of your life forever?
Who hasn’t! Fate is a strange thing. I have had a couple. I just paused for a very long time deciding whether to share the outstanding ones. I don’t think I will. However, I feel the smallest things can change the course of your life forever. Things that you are unaware of.

How do you view the current state of the world and what, if anything, would you like to see change most?
The world, through the power of distraction, is becoming greedy and lazy. The isolation that is being created through the walls of screens is detaching ourselves from real-life human beings, animals, and the world. We are then fed via algorithms created by capitalists, co-aligning ideas with our own point of view. We then don’t grow. We become more s tupid and hungry for affirmation in our singular view of thought. We then get a whiff of injustice but then Netflix releases a cute doco about an octopus and we forget all about it. I would like to see algorithms removed from social media and our data point sales made illegal.

What do you think is the best way to mobilise the world in the fight against climate
Education and penalties. Stop finding someone who cannot afford a bus ticket in the first place and start fining the idiot who is too lazy to separate glass from plastics from paper and that from the trash..... which is everyone in this state due to the governments lack of leadership. It angers me so much!!

What has inspired you recently and why?
Due to Covid-19’s restrictions to our immediate surroundings, my recent inspirations took a different turn. I am have always found inspiration from new places and environments. Being back here in Melbourne did worry me for this reason. Now I have a different point of view. There are so many beautiful little things right under our n oses. Being in comfortable surroundings also gives you the space to explore these little things. My friend Robyn, for instance, made me this character out of pipe cleaners recently. I feel like this is the most inspiring thing as of late. It brought me so much joy! The lack of pretentiousness in the child-like creation inspired me to try to be more pure in my existence and work.

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